Boateng upset by German criticism

The 23-year-old Ghana star committed the late tackle on Ballack

when playing for Portsmouth in the FA Cup final 11 days ago. He has

repeatedly apologised but told Sport Bild magazine that he and his

family have become the target of a hate campaign. “What is

happening has gone too far,” he said. “Some people have managed to

involve my family in this whole affair and we have been turned into

an evil enemy. “On the other hand, many are minimising and ignoring

the slap around the face I got from Michael Ballack. “Even my

public apology a week last Monday has been swept under the table.

People have overstepped the mark.” Boateng said in last week’s

Sport Bild magazine that he had apologised three times to Ballack

during and after the FA Cup final. He now claims that several of

Ballack’s Chelsea team-mates have been in touch with him to lend

their support. “I have had contact with two or three Chelsea

players and they say that a foul like that can happen,” he

revealed. “They say I should not let what is being reported about

me get to me. It was not intentional. “I don’t want to be seen as a

victim, but I would like criticism to be constructive.” Boateng is

set to make his debut for Ghana in a friendly match against

as-yet-unconfirmed opponents in Paris on Thursday. The Black Stars

then face Holland in Rotterdam on June 1 and Latvia in Milton

Keynes on June 5 before jetting out to South Africa. Boateng will

come up against Germany on June 23 in a group fixture.