Blues quiz Torres over interview

Torres spoke to the official website of Spain’s Primera Liga last

week, with an English translation later appearing on the striker’s

personal website. Torres, who has endured a miserable run in front

of goal since his £50million move from Liverpool, was quoted

as branding Chelsea’s “older” players as “very slow”, and hailing

new team-mate Juan Mata as a necessary signing. Manager Andre

Villas-Boas sought an explanation from Torres, who claimed his

words were not translated accurately on his own website. On Monday,

Chelsea were seeking to obtain a copy of the interview in its

original Spanish and Villas-Boas revealed he would warn Torres not

to speak so candidly about the club in future if the translation

did stand up. He said: “We are going in-depth to regain the tape of

that interview. “We’ll see if things play exactly as they are in

that interview.” The interview was authorised by Chelsea, otherwise

Torres would have been facing a fine. Asked what action would be

taken if the translation proved accurate, the Blues boss said:

“We’d just talk. Just talk. To share opinion. “If it was

unauthorised, I’d fine him. Of course.” He added: “Anyhow, it’s one

player’s perspective. “I don’t think it’s a perspective that the

manager shares. I don’t have to share my players’ ideas sometimes.

“I think we have competence, apart from the ‘age problem’, which

for me is not a problem. “Maybe we just have to speak about that

situation and he has to see our view as well.” Torres’ travails

show no sign of abating, the 27-year-old losing his place in the

side for Saturday’s Premier League win at Sunderland, having also

failed even to make the bench for Spain’s European Championship

qualifier against Liechtenstein. Villas-Boas did not offer Torres

an explanation, having admitted 48 hours earlier that he would not

hesitate to drop the striker if it benefited the team. “I just made

the changes,” said Villas-Boas today as he pondered whether to

recall Torres for Tuesday’s Champions League opener against Bayer

Leverkusen. “I think any player who’s not part of the squad or the

selected players is not happy. “I’m glad because maybe you can

stimulate them to go one step further, or motivate them a bit