Blazer refuses to discuss bribery allegations

CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer on Sunday refused to

discuss allegations that he made against two FIFA executive

committee members accusing them of bribery.

Blazer instead welcomed fans and the media to the beginning of

the Gold Cup during halftime of the opening match of the 2011 event

between Costa Rica and Cuba.

”I won’t be addressing any of the jurisprudence issues,”

Blazer said.

Blazer has accused FIFA vice president Jack Warner and fellow

executive committee member Mohamed bin Hammam of bribery in

connection with last Wednesday’s election.

Bin Hammam had been the lone challenger to Sepp Blatter, who was

elected unopposed to a fourth termas president after Warner and bin

Hammam were suspended pending a full investigation.

Blazer accused bin Hammam and Warner of offering Caribbean

soccer leaders $40,000 each in exchange for votes in the

presidential election.

On Saturday, CONCACAF suspended acting president Lisle Austin,

who tried to remove Blazer as secretary general in retaliation for

his whistleblowing.

While the details of Austin’s suspension have not been

disclosed, Blazer said that ”I won’t comment on the politics but

the document he (Austin) received is detailed.”

Blazer avoided direct answers about the events of the past week,

though he did say that he is confident FIFA is making a major

effort to do the right thing.

”I expect the image they (fans) get is that people are of

different opinion,” Blazer said. ”We are working hard to do the

right thing. Fans are not here to watch the politics they are to

watch the football on the field.”