Blatter: Suarez handball could prompt rules change

FIFA will look at changing football’s rules after a goal-line

handball by Uruguay striker Luis Suarez denied Ghana a place in the

World Cup semifinals.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said on Thursday that changes can be

considered at an October meeting of its rules-making panel.

“We can take on such situations we have witnessed during this

competition, specifically …. the issue of the player Suarez on

the goal-line in the 122nd minute of the match between Uruguay and


Suarez was shown a red card but his action provoked condemnation

for being seen to unfairly keep his side in the match.

Ghana missed the ensuing penalty with the last kick and Uruguay

won their quarterfinal in a shootout.

A FIFA-imposed, one-match ban for Suarez was then viewed as

inadequate because he would have been eligible to play in the

final. Uruguay lost to the Netherlands in the semifinals.

However, Blatter dismissed the possible creation of a rule to

award “penalty goals” when handballs clearly prevented a score,

likely limiting the panel’s scope to review disciplinary


“You have seen in this competition and in others that it’s so

difficult to say if a ball is in or out,” he said. “But when a

ball is not in, definitely, no referee can declare that it is a


The FIFA president said the panel – known as the International

Football Association Board – will reopen a shelved debate on giving

referees technical aids to decide when a ball crosses the


“It will be in October that we are going to discuss the

question of goal-line technology,” he said.

Blatter has previously blocked the issue at IFAB, but put the

subject back in play after England was denied a potentially

game-changing goal in its second-round defeat to Germany.

At a news briefing on Thursday, Blatter said he was not “just

satisfying problems that have arisen during this competition.”