Blatter: Most Europol cases were already deal with

Most allegations of match-fixing raised by Europol this week had

already been dealt with, FIFA President Sepp Blatter said


”Most of the matches which they put in this tray, 600 or 800,

have already been analyzed, dealt with and even were at court,”

Blatter told reporters during a visit to Mauritania.

At Europol’s briefing in the Netherlands on Monday, the police

liaison agency said it knew of 380 suspicious matches played in

Europe in recent years and 300 more worldwide, including national

team matches under FIFA’s jurisdiction.

Europol did not identify matches it suspected were corrupted,

fuelling widespread speculation about which teams were involved and

if fresh allegations had been uncovered.

Blatter acknowledged that match-fixing for illegal betting scams

was ”pure delinquency” which presented a serious danger to the


”We’re fighting against that,” Blatter said in French.

”Because if the matches are fixed there’s no more interest in

going to watch football.”

Blatter also told reporters that countries should change their

laws to help football prosecute match-fixing cases.

He spoke a day after FIFA launched a website for whistleblowers

to report suspicions of fixing and corruption in its 209 member


The FIFA leader visited Mauritania on a tour of African

countries before attending the Cup of Nations final Sunday in

Johannesburg, South Africa.