BlackRock buys 8.21 percent stake in Man United

The New York-based investment firm BlackRock has taken an 8.21

percent stake in Manchester United.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on

Wednesday, BlackRock Inc. said it acquired 3.3 million shares in

Manchester United PLC. The club went public on the New York Stock

Exchange last August.

The Glazer family, which took control of the team in 2005

maintains control through Class B shares that carry 10 times the

voting power of the stock sold to the public. There are 124 million

Class B shares and 39 million Class A shares, according to the data

provider FactSet.

The family loaded the club with debt following its takeover, but

United has paid down 62.6 million pounds ($99 million) of

high-interest bonds.

The club’s stock has risen about 35 percent in the past three

months, closing Wednesday at $16.38.