Birmingham reject Wolves bids

Birmingham City have confirmed that they have rejected bids from

Wolves for Curtis Davies and Marlon King.

The cash-strapped Championship club are willing to listen to

offers for any of their players due to their ongoing financial


City have also said they have not received any bids for England

Under-21 international goalkeeper Jack Butland, who has been linked

with Newcastle, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Speaking earlier, Birmingham boss Lee Clark said: “The only

official bid the club have had for Jack is the one that was turned

down in the summer from Southampton, just as I was taking the


“That’s not to say we haven’t had lots of interest in Jack and

people asking the question.

“But, in terms of somebody actually putting down that they want

to take him and what they’re willing to pay, that hasn’t


“With my football manager’s head on, I don’t want that to

happen. But, in terms of the future of the club, it’s been talked

about already by the chairman that it probably needs to