Big Sam: I can wind Benitez up

Benitez was caustic in his assessment of Blackburn’s performance

after the Reds struggled to a 2-1 win at Anfield last weekend.

Allardyce told The Mail on Sunday: “Blackburn’s performance was the

best any of my teams have played there. “Benitez knows his team

played poorly and were lucky to get a win so he deflected any

criticism by personally criticising me. “That covered the true

facts that we had better opportunities than them and came extremely

close to beating what is supposed to be an outstanding Liverpool

team. “Being able to wind up a manager is satisfying, even if it

doesn’t quite work your way in terms of results.” He continued: “It

just galls him that we make things difficult for him when he plays

against my teams. There’s no love lost between us. “The truth is

Liverpool are having to dig out results when they are not playing

well. “They didn’t particularly earn the win last week but they dug

it out. “My reputation has been a perception for some time rather

than a reality. “It’s a great shame for the Blackburn players

because it’s not their fault the manager is tagged by a so-called

long-ball style. It’s just not factual.”