Besiktas fans cheer team at 4 a.m. after Champions League exit


Besiktas and their famed supporters had a tough day Tuesday as the Turkish club crashed out the Champions League. For the first time in their Champions League history, Besiktas were on the cusp of advancing out of the group stage. Instead, they fell 6-0 against Dynamo Kiev in emotional fashion.

Fans had every right to feel let down, though most of their anger was directed toward referee Craig Thompson after the match. But instead of piling on to their beaten team, a group of fans did the complete opposite. They greeted their team with a chorus of chants and cheers at the airport.


Flares, cheers and everything! To make it even more impressive, it apparently all took place at 4 in the morning. That's a really early wake-up call. Or, they're running on very little sleep. Either way, passionate fans can sometimes get unruly, but often their passion makes for greatness.

In this case for Besiktas, it's a nice gesture. And not all is lost, either. Since the Turkish club finished third in Group B, they'll transfer to the Europa League. There's something to cheer about.