Berba reveals summer fitness work

Berbatov has failed to fully convince the United fans since his

2008 arrival from Tottenham but a hat-trick in Sunday’s thrilling

3-2 victory over Liverpool took his tally to six goals in five

Premier League appearances. The 29-year-old says he feels

privileged to be a United player and outlined the lengths he went

to during the off-season to ensure he was in top condition for the

2010/11 campaign. “I was disappointed with myself that I could not

please all the supporters,” said Berbatov. “I’ve said before, the

people of Manchester United are the judges and that is the way it

should be. It’s their team. I am a guest – a privileged guest. “Now

I feel like everything I imagine on the pitch will come true and

that feels awesome. “I have worked hard on my fitness. So hard. I’m

not a weights guy, I’m sure you can see by my body. But I have been

trying to even work on that. “I ran six miles every day during the

off season. I watched one World Cup match, went for a run, then

watched another and went for another run. This was my routine.” He

added: “This crowd at Old Trafford. The way I feel right now. I’m

not tired, I feel alive. “I have always said I am so lucky to play

here. For these people. For this manager. For this club. With these