Bent: Fab still has faith in me

Aston Villa striker Bent blazed over the crossbar with the goal

gaping as England drew 2-2 with Switzerland to open the door for

Montenegro to overtake them in European Championship qualifying

Group G. The 27-year-old also failed to score when put through one

on one but he revealed afterwards that manager Fabio Capello had

reassured him about the misses. Bent said: “Fabio said, ‘Don’t

worry about it’. “I’m a striker, all strikers miss chances and I’m

sure when the next ones comes along I’ll bury them. “As a striker,

you practice taking chances and, obviously, today it wasn’t meant

to be. “But we move on from that, take the positives from the game.

“I thought our second-half performance was good and we’ll move on

to the next international.” Saturday’s game was Bent’s third start

in the last four internationals. He added: “It’s gone really well.

“Fabio’s shown real faith in me this season – I thank him for that.

“And he’s played me again for another 90, which hasn’t happened

before in the past, and I’m over the moon about it. “All I can keep

doing is doing well for my club side, which I’ve done this season,

and get a good rest under my belt. It’s been a long old season.”

England were forced to fight back from 2-0 at Wembley.

“Unfortunately, we got out of the blocks slowly and it was one

point instead of all three,” said Bent, who felt tiredness played a

part after a long season. “Some of the guys played Champions League

football. “It’s a lot of games to play in a season. “I wouldn’t say

it’s an excuse but people do get tired.”