Watch: Bayern Munich unleashes scoring spree in 8–0 win over Hamburg

Bayern Munich unleashed a scoring onslaught against Hamburg on Saturday afternoon for an 8–0 win in the Bundesliga match-up.

Robert Lewandowski posted a hat trick against Hamburg with goals in the 42nd, 54th minute and 56th minute. He leads the Bundesliga in goals on the season.

Thomas Müller dished the ball over to David Alaba, who does not miss the net.

Bayern substitute Kingsley Coman decided to join the scoring spree and scored in the 65th minute. In the 69th minute, Coman got another one past RenéAdler from 16 yards to make it 7–0.


Robben made it 8–0 with his signature left foot.

Bayern will play Schalke in the DFB Cup Quarter-final on March 1.

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