Bayern coach plays down Arjen Robben’s frustration

Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes says Arjen Robben’s

frustration with his limited role at the club is


Robben came off the bench to seal Bayern’s 2-0 Bundesliga win at

Wolfsburg with his first goal of the season but said after Friday’s

game: ”I’m on the bench, it’s disappointing. I can’t say that I’m

really happy.”

The Dutch winger added: ”When I come in I give everything for

the team.”

Heynckes says ”it’s quite normal for players to be disappointed

when they don’t play. And Arjen is a man that shows it too. But I

don’t have a problem with that.”

Robben is likely to be a substitute again for Tuesday’s

Champions League game at Arsenal despite saying, ”These are super

games. I see no reason why I shouldn’t play.”