Fan apparently doesn’t know who Schweinsteiger is, asks him to take photo of team

When the Chicago Fire touched down in Toronto, one fan in the airport seemed to recognize she was among some big-time soccer players.

She asked for a photo with the Fire players, which is all well and good, but who ended up as the photographer for this impromptu photo shoot? Well, take a look:

Yep, that is none other than Bastian Schweinsteiger, a reigning World Cup champion and the Chicago Fire’s newest signing.

How it ended up that Schweinsteiger took the photo isn’t clear. Did he just want to help out and volunteered? Did she not recognize him and ask him to do it? Fire assistant coach Eric Gehrig, who took the photo of the moment, hasn’t explained, but he knows a funny moment when he sees one.

Schweinsteiger, for those who don’t know, has been off to a great start for the Fire. He has two goals in three games, including a nice one last weekend, and the Fire have nabbed seven points in those matches since he arrived.

Whatever the story is behind this moment, it’s a pretty hilarious visual that the most expensive signing in Chicago Fire history has been relegated to team photographer.