Barton wants more from Taarabt

Taarabt came on as a second-half substitute in Saturday’s 1-1 draw

with Blackburn at Loftus Road. The Morroco international was one of

three changes to the side that lost 6-0 at Fulham, where he was

taken off at half-time and subsequently stormed out of Craven

Cottage. Barton has been left unimpressed. “It is not a case of

anybody giving him advice, it is whether it is taken on board,” he

told Absolute Radio’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Football. “At the end of the

day, this is the top level of world football and if you’re not

prepared to work hard you will come up massively short. “If I was

Adel and had Adel’s ability, I would not want to be coming up short

having not worked hard enough. “I came here and was told he was a

genius, but I’m yet to see it. “I don’t know whether that is

because he doesn’t work hard enough or that he tends to sulk. “I am

happy that he is upset really because it shows he does care. [That

said], there is a way of doing it. “He is not the only one guilty

of it and that is what we have to understand here. “There were a

few lads not selected whose heads went down and maybe they could

apply themselves better. “It is one of those things. There is going

to be a 14 or 15-man squad that keeps you in the league this year

and everyone has to buy into it. “There will be times when players

come in and out but their attitude, their reaction, is going to be

the most important thing – not getting the bus home with fans and

storming off. “Adel knows that and it would have been nice of him

to come in and apologise for doing that. “He didn’t think he needed

to and some of the senior players maybe feel like he should have.”

The draw with Blackburn means QPR are still waiting for a first

home victory since their return to the top flight after a 15-year

absence. “We just need to get a home win under our belt,” said

Barton. “We’re playing some really good stuff and equipping

ourselves really well. “We just can’t manage to get that elusive

home win. “If we keep playing the way we are, it will come.”