Barton backing for Balotelli

Balotelli has caused a stir since arriving in the Premier League

from Inter Milan last year after being involved in a string of

controversial incidents on and off the pitch. QPR midfielder Barton

is no stranger to being in the headlines for the wrong reasons

himself, and the Rangers man has voiced his support for the

21-year-old. He told The Sun: “I find him really amusing. He’s just

a young boy trying to find his way in life. “Some of the things he

has done are petty but they get blown out of all proportion. “On

the flipside of that you’ve got golden boy Jack Wilshere, who’s

done a lot worse things than Balotelli yet it’s massively played

down. “He and Balotelli are having the same sort of problems off

the pitch but one is perceived to be a goody two shoes!”