Barcos say he wants to stay with Palmeiras

Argentina striker Hernan Barcos says he intends to stay with

Palmeiras in 2013 despite the team’s relegation in the Brazilian


Barcos said Wednesday ”only a huge offer” from another club

would force him out of Palmeiras next season. The Brazilian team

says the buyout clause on his contract is ?20 million.

Barcos led Palmeiras in scoring with 28 goals in 2012, becoming

one of the few players who escaped criticism from fans after the

team was relegated.

Barcos had expressed concerns about staying with Palmeiras in

the second division because his goal is to play the World Cup with

Argentina. He has been constantly summoned to his country’s

national team.

Despite relegation, Palmeiras will play in next year’s Copa

Libertadores because it won the 2012 Brazilian Cup.