Watch this Barcelona youngster’s filthy footwork to score gorgeous goal

Barcelona’s academy, La Masia, has a long history of churning out technically proficient soccer players. It appears that reputation is in safe hands.

In Wednesday’s UEFA Youth League match between Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund, 17-year-old Jordi Mboula stole the show with an eye-watering turn of skill on his way to scoring a goal.

Barcelona’s social media department is so enamored they’re trying to come up with a hashtag for it. I think #JustWatch is sufficient, but what do I know?

It truly is an amazing goal from Mboula, though. Not only does he leave one marker in the dust with a midfield roulette, he splits two defenders with a croqueta that would make Andres Iniesta hot under the collar. That Lionel Messi fellow would probably be impressed, too.

Dortmund’s young defense were left asking themselves what just happened as Mboula made it 4-1 for Barca. Mboula sauced all over you guys, that’s what happened. Now, you must give him everything in your lives that you hold precious. Them’s the rules.