Barcelona ready to travel to London from Tuesday

Barcelona’s Champions League preparations could be disrupted by

an erupting Icelandic volcano for the second year running, with the

club considering traveling to London for the final from Tuesday to

avoid any complications.

The club will make a decision after receiving the latest

information about the Grimsvotn volcano, with ash already causing

delays to air travel in Scotland.

”I hope the volcano sleeps a little bit longer,” Guardiola

said from Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium on Monday.

The volcano began spewing a dense cloud of ash on Saturday,

forcing one airline to cancel nearly all of its flights and

officials to consider airspace closures. The ash could reach

Scottish airspace from Tuesday and affect other parts of Britain

and Ireland later this week.

Barcelona planned to travel Thursday for Saturday’s game against

Manchester United at Wembley Stadium.

”What matters is what they tell us, whatever they say we’ll do

with the maximum anticipation possible,” Guardiola said. ”If they

tell us we can’t risk the trip then we’ll travel tomorrow or the

day after. If not, we’ll travel like we planned.

”We will not take any risks.”

Barcelona traveled to Italy by bus for last year’s Champions

League semifinal at Inter Milan after an eruption at a different

volcano closed European airspace. Barcelona lost the first leg and

was eventually knocked out in the semifinals.

Guardiola dismissed the possibility that UEFA would consider

moving the date of the final, and said the club would travel as

close to London as possible and then drive if necessary.

”Let’s hope that the volcano doesn’t disrupt travel plans of

all the fans who want to go,” Guardiola said. ”That could be a

handicap. It would be terrible to play a final where half of the

stands are empty.”

In April 2010, the Eyjafjallajokull eruption grounded thousands

of flights because officials were worried that ash could harm jet


Barcelona forward Lionel Messi didn’t seem too concerned about

possible travel disruptions this year.

”It’s up to the coach to decide what we do,” the Argentina

international said.