Barcelona midfielder Rafinha tries to Stephen Curry — fails miserably


We've seen plenty of soccer players try and cross over to other sports. Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku showed us exactly why they're not planning on quitting their day jobs anytime soon, and Neymar proved that he was purpose-built for anything but baseball. Barcelona's Rafael Alcantara? Yeah, he's not hanging up his boots to become an NBA star in the foreseeable future either.

Everything is great about this video. Everything. The release. The follow through. The music kicking in, just as the ball goes out of sight. Even the video's caption. It almost makes it seem like, despite the terrible form, the full soccer training kit, the complete lack of footwear, that maybe, MAYBE we can ignore all the obvious evidence at hand. MAYBE this ball is gonna drop through the net with a satisfying wet swish. MAYBE this time, we found soccer's chosen one.


And that's what makes it great. Your sacrifice is appreciated Rafinha. Your jumper died, so that our joy may live.


For Threee…👌🏾the important thing is to feel #TB #Olympic #Brasil #🏈 @nba @klaythompson @stephencurry30 @nbb @acbcom

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