Balotelli frustrated by abuse

The Manchester City youngster earned his second cap for Italy on

Wednesday night in a 1-1 draw with Romania but was taunted by some

spectators. Chants were hurled at the 20-year-old every time he

touched the ball in the game that was played in Austria, reportedly

mostly from his own fans. Balotelli, who is the son of

Brescia-based Ghanaian immigrants, said to Mediaset: “Honestly, I

don’t know what to say. “If I have to hear those chants every time,

you can’t go forward like that. “I leave others to do the

judgement. “I am happy to be in the national team.” While at Inter

Milan, the player was subjected to racist chants by rival fans. In

April 2009, Juventus had to play a match behind closed doors as

punishment for the racist chanting a section of their fans directed

at Balotelli. Plans to stop play or abandon matches if fans make

racist chants are already in place. However, Balotelli believes it

is not fair that the majority of the supporters that turn up to the

stadium should suffer because of the behaviour of a minority. “It

wouldn’t be right to stop a game because a few fans that turn up to

the stadium behave like that,” he said. “We need to change these

people but it’s not me that has to do it. “Where I live, the people

don’t reason like these people. “A multi-ethnic Italy already

exists and we can do better.” Balotelli then took a swipe at the

media in England. “I would like to see that in Manchester they

speak of these problems and not of my girlfriends,” he said. Italy

coach Cesare Prandelli said he was “disgusted” by the latest abuse

that Balotelli received. Italy Federation president Giancarlo Abete

handed his support to Balotelli. “This is something that must be

condemned,” said Abete. “This is unacceptable behaviour.”