Bale hits out at ‘coward’ Adam

Adam injured Bale with a challenge during the 0-0 draw between the

two sides at the M&T Bank stadium, home of NFL franchise the

Baltimore Ravens. In May 2011 the Scotland international injured

Bale in a tackle, causing ankle ligament damage which meant the

Wales international was out for three months. In quotes reported by

several national newspapers, Bale said: “He’s a bit of a coward.

What he did was over the top. Some people are like that and it’s

just wrong. “It’s flattering when players try to take you out in a

game but, when it threatens your career, it becomes more serious

than that.” Bale and Adam have history following the latter’s

challenge when he was playing for Blackpool in 2011. Bale added:

“There are pictures on the internet of what he did before when he

snapped all my ankle ligaments. I was out for three months that

time. He’s come for me twice now – and he’s got me twice. “When

someone makes a very bad tackle on you, you expect an apology. I’ve

had no apology. And I’m not going to accept his apology.”