Azerbaijan coach Vogts insulted by journalists

Journalists threw a roll of toilet paper at Azerbaijan coach

Berti Vogts on Sunday to express their displeasure with the

national team’s performance.

The incident took place during a news conference in Baku ahead

of Azerbaijan’s European Championship qualifier against Germany on


The Azerbaijani journalists also presented Vogts with a jug of

water of the type used in Muslim countries to wash after using the


The Russian newspaper Sport-Express cited Vogts as describing it

as an attack and saying he has reported it to the police.

A spokesman for the Azerbaijan Football Federation downplayed

the situation.

”There was an incident after the presser when three journalists

attempted to insult Berti Vogts, but it was not an attack,”

Mikhail Nariman-Ogly told The Associated Press.

The 64-year-old German took over Azerbaijan in April 2008.

Azerbaijan finished next to last in qualifying for the 2010 World

Cup, and has lost four of five Euro 2012 qualifiers.