Ashton thankful for ‘fantastic career’

The 26-year-old was forced to hang up his boots after failing to

overcome an ankle problem. Ashton broke his ankle in 2006 whilst

training with England and, although he played again after the

injury, he never fully recovered. He finally called time on his

career, which saw him play just under 250 league games for Crewe,

Norwich and West Ham, in December last year. But Ashton, who gained

one England cap, is refusing to let his forced retirement get him

down. “There is no point in me moping around and feeling sorry for

myself, thinking how good I could have been,” Ashton told Sky

Sports News. “I just have to think what a fantastic career I did

have and how privileged I was and all the things I could do from

now on.” Ashton admits he knew soon after his injury first occurred

that his career was under threat. “I did all the hard work after

the operation and I was just jogging when I heard a crunch and I

kind of knew playing was not going to happen,” he said.