Ashley Cole trolled Spurs fans on Twitter after Chelsea beat Tottenham


Ashley Cole's LA Galaxy didn't make the postseason, so the English defender has some extra time on his hands. As one does, he's spending some of that time soaking in all of the best soccer matches from his homeland.

The former Chelsea man was particularly interested in Saturday's London Derby, which makes sense considering he made over 200 appearances for the Blues. After Chelsea battled back to secure the win, their seventh straight, Cole expressed his joy on Twitter. Of course, he couldn't help but rib Tottenham and their fans.

That's a great way to spend a Saturday. I'm picturing Cole in his beachside pad, reclining on a leather couch with a mimosa and just scrolling through a sea of tweets from angry Spurs fans. Tottenham haven't beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in ages, and now an ex-Chelsea player is trolling them on Twitter? What else could go wrong for Spurs fans?