Arsenal fans are so split over Arsene Wenger’s future they’re now fighting each other in the stadium

Arsenal supporters’ discontent has steadily grown in recent years, and it’s reached a fever pitch in 2017. Gunners’ support is split right down the middle between ‘Wenger In’ and ‘Wenger Out’ camps, and those two sides aren’t seeing eye to eye in their disagreement.

At this point some fans views differ so vehemently, they’ve taken to fisticuffs to solve their arguments. Simply put, Arsenal fans are throwing hands because of Arsene Wenger.

These fans were caught on video, fighting inside the ground, as Arsenal drew 2-2 with Manchester City. [WARNING: Explicit language]

Then, there was this group of fellas who decided to debate Wenger’s job security physically after the match. [WARNING: Explicit language]

It’s sad to see supporters who cheer for the same team week in and week out reduced to fighting amongst themselves, but that seems to be where Arsenal stands right now. They’re sixth in the league, things look bleak, and clearly, it’s getting to Gooners. Won’t someone please think of the children?