Arsenal fan donates a kidney to save Tottenham fan’s life

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Arsenal and Tottenham may have one of the world’s most high-profile rivalries, but friendship trumped football as Gooner Dany Reid donated a kidney to his Spurs-supporting buddy Tim Reid in order to save his life.

Tim Reid posted a touching photo from his hospital bed, smiling alongside Dany in their respective club shirts, calling his friend a "true hero" despite being a "dirty gooner".

Reid’s touching post went on to praise his friend even further, saying he "gave me a second chance at life whilst putting his own life at risk by giving me a kidney without any hesitation. You are a true hero and everyone deserves the right to know what a top guy you are and the courage you have shown."

I know, it’s dusty in this room, everyone’s allergies are acting up, here’s a tissue. It’s great to see true friendship span the boundaries of footballing hatred, but it’s also wonderful to see how soccer can bring joy to any situation. Let’s hope we get some footage of these guys together when the North London Derby rolls around.