Arsenal chasing Dutch compensation

The forward suffered ankle ligament damage during Holland’s

friendly against Italy on November 14 and is not expected to return

to action until April next year. Wenger, quoted in several Sunday

newspapers, said: “We are working on this with our lawyers at the

moment and we are definitely going for it. “I expect financial

compensation for the damage it can make to the championship and the

salary involved. It is especially frustrating to lose your players

for the rest of the season in a friendly game.” Wenger claims the

Dutch federation (KNVB) misdiagnosed the injury. “Initially, the

Dutch FA said it was a small problem and Robin called me to see if

he could go and see this Serbian wonder doctor and it was OK. “It

was only when he came back here that we realised there was much

more damage. In Holland they have a fight between the national

doctor and the guy that did the surgery on Robin. “We just want to

go for it because there are a lot of things that have not been done

properly after he was injured.” The KNVB gave their version of

events in a statement issued to Press Association Sport on November

29. The statement read: “Directly after Robin van Persie got

injured in the friendly of the Dutch national team versus Italy,

the doctor of the Netherlands team diagnosed an ankle ligament

problem. “The Arsenal striker went to the hospital in Amsterdam on

Sunday, where further examination (an MRI scan) confirmed the

diagnosis of the medical staff of the Netherlands team – Robin van

Persie had a ruptured ligament of his right ankle. “The medical

staff of the KNVB contacted Arsenal club doctor Gary O’Driscoll the

same Sunday to inform him about the outcome of the investigation

and to transfer the medical record regarding this injury. The scan

was also handed over to the medical staff of Arsenal.” The issue of

compensation for players being injured on international duty is a

complex one. A landmark case involving Belgian club Charleroi and

FIFA over a player injured in a friendly international was

discontinued after the G14 group of clubs which was supporting

Charleroi was superseded by the European Club Association. An

agreement has been reached with FIFA and UEFA to pay compensation

to clubs for players injured in World Cup or European Championship

finals matches, but there is nothing formal in place for qualifiers

or friendlies. Some associations, like the Football Association,

take out insurance to cover players on international duty. West Ham

are reported to be seeking recompense from the FA following the

enforced retirement of Dean Ashton, who suffered a serious ankle

injury in an England training session in 2006.