Arjen Robben just scored the most stereotypical Robben goal, and it was beautiful

Arjen Robben’s been doing it at the very highest level for well over a decade now. He’s one of the most one-footed players in the world, but it hasn’t stopped him because he’s so ridiculously good with his left. Despite every single defender he’s come up against knowing exactly what he wants to do, he still does exactly what he wants to do because he’s impossibly shifty and fiendishly deceptive. Early on against Arsenal in their Champions League tie, Robben did exactly what he wanted, with the generous help of some very poor defending by Francis Coquelin and the rest of the Gunners midfield.

The defending aside, it’s just pure class from the 33-year-old Dutchman. He cuts inside, gets his head up, and from there, it’s almost inevitable that he’ll curl his shot perfectly past a helpless David Ospina. It’s got to be frustrating for Arsenal supporters to see how lax the defending is, with Coquelin in particular standing five yards off his mark, but all credit has to go to Robben for the finish.