Antonio Conte the latest manager to ban pizza, ketchup, all delicious things

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Managers' campaign against delicious foods has continued at Stamford Bridge, where Antonio Conte has banned pizza, ketchup, soda, brown sauce and pretty much anything super tasty from all club facilities. That comes on the heels of Pep Guardiola also banning pizza at Manchester City.

Conte doesn't want his players eating anything that doesn't have nutritional value. He sees food as fuel and important to players' fitness, which is vital to him because he demands his team run a lot. But still, pizza.

Again, this runs contrary to what we saw a year ago when Leicester City used a pizza party to launch themselves towards the Premier League title. Recent history says that pizza is vital to being champion of England. You can't go against history. What kind of example will that set for all the kids sitting in history class*? Think of the children, Antonio.

* There is no stretch we won't make to defend pizza.