Report: Anthony Martial beefed with Manchester United over a jersey number dispute

Manchester United is hoping that new acquisition Zlatan Ibrahimovic can help bring them back to glory, but his arrival at Man U may have already caused a bit of tension between the club and one of his new teammates, Anthony Martial. The reason? Well, it’s reportedly all over a jersey number. 

According to the Mirror, Martial was reportedly upset that the team didn’t consult him before handing Ibrahimovic the No. 9 jersey that Martial wore during his rookie campaign last season. Not only may Martial have taken it as a personal slight after a promising debut year, but the switch was also problematic for his business ventures.

Over the weekend, the 20-year-old French forward launched his new personal ‘AM9’ brand that prominently features that same No.9 that he will no longer wear. Martial’s social media accounts plastered photos of him in his old jersey number all over Facebook and Twitter, leading fans to speculate that he wasn’t too happy about having to change numbers. 

On top of that, Martial may have tried to to voice his frustration when he proceeded to unfollow the team’s official accounts on Twitter and Instagram after Ibrahimovic announced that he chose No. 9. After all, it’s 2016 and a beef isn’t real until someone gets unfollowed.

But Martial has since re-followed the team’s accounts and, if you believe this person on Twitter, the beef has all but blown over.

Martial will wear No. 11 next season.