Andronikou keen to talk to Lloyd

The millionaire property developer has expressed an interest in the

ailing South Coast outfit, but is yet to contact Andrew Andronikou.

He is the man charged with the task of finding a purchaser and

preserving the existence of the club. Andronikou can do nothing,

though, if Lloyd does not get in touch and agree to the fit and

proper persons test required to take charge of an English club. The

confusing situation is the latest instalment in a torrid campaign

for Pompey, who appear destined to slip into the Championship and

stand on the brink of financial ruin. “At the moment, all I can say

is that he (Lloyd) has gone behind my back and that worries me,”

Andronikou said in The Times. “Rob Lloyd appears to be credible and

tick the right boxes but I need to make sure. “I need to know who

else is involved. We need to find a fit and proper person, not a

chancer, and I am not saying this guy is a chancer, but there have

been too many mistakes made in the past with the owners of this

club. “I have been told, for example, that Rob Lloyd has

connections to another Premier League club. I have no idea if that

is the case or what those connections are, but I would need to find

out.” Lloyd is reported to be fronting a consortium which includes

a New York hedge fund and a South African investment company, and

would be prepared to cover Pompey’s costs until the end of the

season before completing a takeover.