Andrea Pirlo proves he can do no wrong in this pie-to-the-face game

Andrea Pirlo is a legend. No one put the deep-lying playmaker role on the map quite like Pirlo and he’ll always be regarded as one of the best ever.

So when Pirlo went head-to-head against Maxi Moralez in a game that involves trying to slap the other person in the face with a pie, it was disconcerting.

Was a footballing legend really going to be pied in the face for us all to laugh at? Yeah, it’s the offseason for New York City FC and they’ve got some downtime, but surely this wasn’t going to happen, right?

We all should’ve known better. Pirlo won, because of course he did. He’s Pirlo.

But the best part is probably after it’s all said and done. Moralez, NYCFC’s new offseason signing, is stuck wiping whipped cream off his face and Pirlo, without skipping a beat, steals a finger of whip cream and flashes a smirk of satisfaction.

That’s Pirlo enjoying the sweet taste of victory like it’s a fine wine. That would make sense since Pirlo does own a vineyard and has his own wine-inspired boots. Legendary status reaffirmed.