Carlo hoping opportunity knocks

The former Chelsea manager was sacked by the Blues following their

final Premier League game of last season, paying the price for a

trophyless campaign which came on the back of a domestic double in

his first year in England. Ancelotti still lives close to the

Chelsea training ground in Surrey and his preference appears to be

to continue his managerial career in England. “I haven’t said I

want to take a year out,” he told the Daily Mail. “I’ve said I’m

not afraid to spend one year out, trying to find a solution that

enables me to stay in English football. If I can find the right

solution, the right team, I will be very happy. “Now I feel I want

to be able to wake up every morning and go training. Until now it

has not been so difficult. It was the summer, there were no games.”

Ancelotti insists he harbours no bitterness about the way Chelsea

handled his sacking, with the decision coming almost immediately

after the final league game at Everton. “What would have been the

point in waiting?” Ancelotti asked. “If they have something to tell

me I prefer to know immediately. Until the end, I felt my future

depended on the results. I hoped I would stay. “But when (Chelsea

chief executive) Ron (Gourlay) came to me after the press

conference at Everton and said he needed to speak to me, I knew

what was coming. “Ron was very professional about it. The players

were on the bus. We were in the dressing room alone. He told me and

that was that.”