Serie B star delivers on promise to get Twitter logo tattooed on his body

Twitter bets are rampant, but people are rarely held to them. (For a recent example, do a Twitter search for “If the Falcons lose I will” and see how many folks stuck to their proclamations.)

So, regular people get a pass, but when you’re famous and you make a promise you had better deliver. Italian forward Amato Ciciretti delivered. Ciciretti, who stars for Serie B outfit Benevento, posted a video at the turn of the new year promising something bold if his video received 500 retweets.

Roughly translated, the caption for the tweet reads: “Welcome to my official profile! If I reach 500 retweets I’ll get a tattoo of the Twitter logo!” It was his first tweet on the social media platform, and it was a doozy. Well, sure enough, the video received well over 500 retweets.

Ciciretti kept his word:

“Promise kept!” the caption reads. Indeed, Amato, indeed. Gambling on only 500 retweets seems like an oversight for the 23-year-old, but he seems to be fully on board with it. Hopefully, his handle never changes … or things could get awkward.