Allardyce plays down comments

Allardyce last week said he was “not suited” to Rovers or his

former club Bolton and would “win the double or the league every

time” at the likes of Real, United, Inter Milan or Chelsea.

Allardyce was not being totally serious, though, and is amazed at

how his comments have been blown out of proportion. “I didn’t think

it would create quite as big a stir as it has done,” said the

55-year-old. “It was a tongue-in-cheek comment. Somebody asked me

if I had found my level and was comfortable as manager at Blackburn

Rovers. “I’m never comfortable as a manager because I am always

looking to improve, and my terms of wanting to improve is about

having a burning ambition to always get better than I am.

“Obviously, in the end, that would always be to try and get to the

very, very top of the industry that I am working in.” He added: “I

believe in my own ability, that is the bottom line. At the moment

it is with Blackburn Rovers, which I am very pleased about.”