Allardyce out to match Arsenal

The Hammers are hoping a lengthy application process will see

them given the green light to move into the Stratford arena once

the London Games come to a close.

The events which have unfolded in the stadium over the last few

weeks, and are set to continue over the course of the Paralympic

Games, have inspired a generation.

West Ham hope they can buy into that feel-good factor and

inherit a world-class sporting venue.

An 80,000-seater stadium would allow them to bring in extra

matchday revenue, offering a considerable boost to their bank

balance and spending power.

In time, the Hammers feel they would then be able to stand

alongside their more illustrious capital rivals.

“When you feel the atmosphere created in that arena, then you

dream about walking out there the way you dreamed about walking out

at Wembley when you were a kid,” said Allardyce.

“Everyone looks forward to playing Arsenal at the Emirates. We

could be the same size in that stadium.

“It would be awesome to walk a team out on that pitch.”