Algeria football federation suspends next weekend’s league games after player death

Ebosse was struck with a rock thrown by fans after his team lost.

-/AFP/Getty Images

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) Algeria’s football federation has announced that league games scheduled for next weekend will be suspended until further notice to mourn a player who died after he was struck by an object thrown by fans on Saturday.

Angry fans pelted JS Kabylie players with rocks after losing a game in their hometown of Tizi Ouzou, killing star Cameroonian striker Albert Ebosse.

The federation’s decision taken late Sunday includes the payment of $100,000 to Ebosse’s family. They will also receive his salary for the remainder of his contract.

The federation statement said it is still considering stiffer penalties, including the exclusion of the club from further competition.

The organization running the league issued a statement Monday calling for greater efforts to combat the violence that has marred the sport in Algeria for years.