Alexis Sanchez’s chipped goal was so pretty


Alexis Sanchez is a noted scorer of goals. Often, they are good goals.

This may have been his best goal.

Sorry, give me a sec.

One more sec.

OK, now that we're done drooling … LOOK AT THAT GOAL.

There's a hard and fast rule here: all chipped goals are amazing. And this isn't your average chipped goal. After all, most chipped goals are on breakaways, at full speed, with the goalkeeper coming out. This one is after beating a defender, moving away from the goal and not with all the time in the world. He doesn't have the room to chip the keeper and let it bounce in either. He's gotta get it over the keeper, under the bar and have it hit the net. And he does it all.

It's just so pretty.

Now go watch it again.