Agger: No more room for slip-ups

The Reds are currently sixth in the Premier League table, four

points behind fourth-placed Tottenham. However, they have a chance

to reduce that deficit at home to bottom side Portsmouth on Monday

night. “We can’t slip up any more because it’s getting to the end

of the season and we know we need more points,” said Agger. “I

can’t imagine not being in the Champions League. That’s the

tournament we all want to be in. “But it’s our own fault where we

are now and we have to get out of it. “The fans have a right to

expect Liverpool to be in the top four. “A big club like Liverpool

should be in there every year, but as we know football doesn’t

always work like that. “The pressure of that shouldn’t come into

it. When you come to a club like this there will always be pressure

to be successful. “Maybe we’ll have to start to imagine not being

in the top four. But for as long as we have a chance we have to

keep believing. “If you play at a football club like Liverpool you

always need to take responsibility, no matter who you are. You do

that on and off the pitch, but you must definitely do it in the

games.” Agger admits Monday night is a must-win game if Liverpool

are to retain hopes of Champions League qualification. “The

performance doesn’t matter as much as getting the three points,”

said the centre-back. “We need to get some victories quickly and

move on to get ourselves up the table. “Every week we say this is a

big week. Last week people said it was a defining week as well. “We

need to focus on the next game first, not the games after that.

It’s as straightforward as that.” At the weekend striker Fernando

Torres said it was not the lack of Champions League football which

was likely to consider his future at the club but a failure to

invest in top-quality players in the summer. However Agger, who

admittedly would be in less demand than the Spain international, is

fully committed to the Merseysiders. “I wouldn’t walk away. I’d

fight to put it right next year because I’m not a quitter,” he

added. “I’ve been close to winning trophies, but I still don’t have

any. “That’s a big disappointment because that’s the reason I came

to Liverpool.” Torres may yet get his wish for new players if a

£100million-plus offer for a 40% stake in the club by global

investment firm the Rhone Group is successful. If co-owners Tom

Hicks and George Gillett were to accept the offer it would dilute

their shareholding to 30% each but, crucially, would almost half

the club’s £237million debt. It would also dramatically reduce

the £30million a year interest payments to service the debt

and improve the club’s appeal to lenders, which could, in turn,

lead to cash being secured to finally begin work on the

long-awaited new stadium in Stanley Park.