Adebayor: I’ve nothing to prove

The striker admitted “the love between the club (City) and myself

is broke” after scoring on his Spurs debut in Saturday’s 2-0 win at

Wolves. Adebayor looked sharp in what was his first appearance

since the final game of last season, when he was on loan at Real

Madrid. The former Arsenal striker said: “I have nothing to prove

to Manchester City. Everyone in this country knows what I am

capable of doing. “I showed it with Arsenal, I showed it on my

debut with Manchester City and I showed that again for Tottenham.

“Before buying me, City knew what I am capable of doing. But the

view of the club has changed when Roberto Mancini came in. “I have

a huge respect for the man. But now I am playing for Tottenaham and

I just have to do my job, to be professional.” When asked if he may

eventually return to City, Adebayor said: “Listen, it is too early

to stay but the love between the club and myself is broke. “I am

here (Tottenham) for a season, and at the end of the season I will

still have two more years left of my contract. “It’s too far away

to start thinking about the future. Let’s maybe have a chance to

talk in April or May and I will decide on my career. At the end of

the season I will see what I can do. “But what is important to me

now is to help this team, which is Tottenham.” Adebayor is bemused

that he is no longer part of City’s plans after they spent £25

million to sign him from Arsenal. He said: “It is more than

strange. I cannot say I am the best in the world when they suddenly

say I am not good enough. “But I went to Real Madrid and played

football and scored a lot of goals. I came back to prove to

everyone that I am still a good footballer. “But, if you don’t

allow me train with a professional team there is something wrong

there. For me, it’s over. “I have to take the positives out of it.

I have the chance to play for Tottenham now and that’s all that

matters now.” Adebayor is delighted to be back playing for the

first time in four months. He said: “No matter what happened, I

always knew one day I would be back on the pitch. “I always keep

focused in my head and tell myself ‘Adebayor, you don’t have to

give up. No matter what happens, you’re a human being. “In sport,

as in life, it is up and down. I went through a lot of things

during my career. “I am just delighted to have the chance to now

play 90 minutes and to have the trust of the manager (Harry

Redknapp) when I go out. “It’s great for my confidence and I can’t

ask for anything better than to help the team to their first win of

the season.”