Adams praises attacking duo

Port Vale boss Micky Adams praised forwards Ashley Vincent and

Jennison Myrie-Williams following the 3-1 win at Plymouth.

High-flying Vale trailed 1-0 at half-time to an 18th-minute

Robbie Williams rocket from 30 yards.

Vincent missed a golden opportunity to level in the 46th minute

but then won a penalty, converted by Myrie-Williams in the 66th

minute, and scored nine minutes later to put Vale 2-1 up.

Substitute Ben Williams capped the victory three minutes later.

Adams admitted: “We should have equalised straight after

half-time, I don’t know how Ashley missed that. But Ashley, and

Jennison, were outstanding in the second half and Plymouth couldn’t

live with them.

“I didn’t think we got going first half, we looked a bit tired

and lethargic. They had done their homework on us to be fair to

them and I thought they were deservedly 1-0 up at half-time. But I

knew that we could get better – and so it proved. There were no

histrionics in the dressing room at half-time, we were nice and


“We wanted to emphasise that we are at our best when we play

with a tempo. We wanted to push further on to them so there back

four didn’t have it easy. I wanted my wide players to be more

constructive and get the ball into Tom Pope with a little more

quality. Once we do that, we are a threat.”