A pitch invader helped this 1st-division team equalize and the ref allowed it

Down a goal in stoppage time, Honduran side Olimpia were inching closer to an exciting finish in Liga Nacional on Sunday night. They were getting ready to pull the trigger and equalize vs. Motagua — and then a pitch invader took matters into his own hands.

The pitch invader (who was shirtless, of course) had a ball at his feet, dribbled through the box and fired a shot. His strike was pretty horrible but on-frame nonetheless and, in a sense, his goal counted. Take a look:

Amazingly, the referees let the goal stand and the match finished 2-2. The actual goal, which was fired at the same time, came from Olimpia’s Roger Rojas, who was dancing his way through the box to try to make an equalizer happen. But the pitch invader definitely created a distraction to help along the goal.

Olimpia were the away team, so maybe the pitch invader was a Motagua supporter who wanted to disrupt the game or stop play and eat time off the clock. If so, the plan backfired spectacularly as the Motagua defense was distracted by him and paused just long enough for the goal. (Judging by that shot he took, there’s a good chance maybe he was just drunk.)

It’s not every day you can credit a goal to a pitch invader, but the beauty of the “beautiful game” is that it’s never short on surprises.