A little Portugal fan consoled a despondent France fan and it was adorable

Portugal finally won a major tournament. For the first time ever, they had done it and their fans rightly celebrated like maniacs. But there was one little Portugal fan who took a minute from his celebrations to console a crying France fan.


That’s some next-level sportsmanship and kindness from anyone, let alone a child. In a crowd of thousands, with his country having just done something historic, this kid thought it was important to take a minute and help out someone else.

It was clear that the France fan appreciated it. The tears slowed for a second and he made sure to give the kid a good hug.

The Euros started with fear of terrorism and some nasty violence in the streets. But at the end of it, we got to see the opposite — an adorable show of humanity and goodness. There is no better way to bid adieu to the Euros.