5-year-old Celtic fan calls club to apologize for missing match


Five-year-old Louis Kayes is a huge Celtic FC fan, but he missed their Scottish Premier League match against Motherwell because he had a birthday party to attend.

Being a loyal fan, the little fella knew his presence would be missed, so he did what any stand-up 5-year-old in that situation would do. He borrowed his mom's phone and gave the club a buzz to apologize, with hopes of explaining himself to manager Brendan Rodgers and captain Scott Brown, his favorite player.

“He wanted to let both of them know he'd missed it in case they were looking for him,” said Lisa Kayes, Louis's mother.

Said Ms. Kayes: “He was in the living room with my phone and then I heard the voicemail message from Celtic Park saying 'thank you for calling'.”

Louis had a great time at the birthday party, but it doesn't look like he'll be skipping more Celtic matches to attend birthday shindigs, according to his mother.

“He's possibly the most passionate five-year-old I know in terms of supporting Celtic. He doesn't like to miss a game.

“I think Celtic-Motherwell is the last home game he'll miss in a while. I don't think we'll be getting him to many other things on a Saturday afternoon.”