6 players banned in Slovakia for match-fixing

Slovakia’s football federation has given lengthy bans to six

current and former players for fixing matches in the top


Miroslav Vlk, the head of the federation’s disciplinary

committee, says two major organizers and former players of FK DAC

1904 Dunajska Streda, Ivan Ziga and Marian Dirnbach, were given

25-year bans from football Tuesday for paying bribes to four

players of the club to fix four matches this season.

Three players of the club – Tomas Huber, Michal Dian a Marek

Bozon were given 18-year bans while former Slovakia international

Ivan Hodur got a 14-year ban.

Police are still investigating the case and have said that

players were offered bribes of up to 60,000 euros ($82,500) and

that the main organizer of the scheme was from Asia.