1st-minute Denmark goal doesn’t crack World Cup’s 10 fastest

MOSCOW (AP) Mathias Jorgensen’s goal just under a minute into Sunday’s knockout-round game against Croatia was Denmark’s fastest World Cup goal ever, but not the fastest in tournament history, or even among the top 10.

The match entered rarer territory moments later when Mario Mandzukic evened things for Croatia, just the third time the tournament has seen two goals in the first four minutes.

Here are the World Cup’s quickest scores, according to FIFA:

-11 seconds, Hakan Sukur, for Turkey against South Korea, 2002

-15 seconds, Vaclav Masek, for Czechoslovakia against Mexico, 1962

-25 seconds, Ernest Lehner, for Germany against Austria, 1934

-28 seconds, Bryan Robson, for England against France, 1982

-30 seconds, Clint Dempsey, for the United States against Ghana, 2014

-31 seconds, Bernard Lacombe, for France against Italy, 1978

-35 seconds, Emile Veinante, for France against Belgium, 1938

-35 seconds, Arne Nyberg, for Sweden against Hungary, 1938

-50 seconds, Adalbert Desu, for Romania against Peru, 1930

-50 seconds, Florian Albert, for Hungary against Bulgaria, 1962

-50 seconds, Seung Zin Pak, for North Korea against Portugal, 1966

-52 seconds, Celso Ayala, for Paraguay against Nigeria, 1998

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