Beckham’s dream comes true as Milan face Man United

After leaving Manchester United for Real Madrid in 2003, David

Beckham will get his Christmas wish come true as AC Milan will play

Manchester United in the Champions League Round of 16 starting on

February 16 in Milan’s San Siro and will go to Old Trafford in

Manchester on March 10.

The day prior to the draw, the on-loan Los Angeles Galaxy

midfielder told the Italian paper

La Gazzetta dello Sport that he wanted to face Manchester

United in the Round of 16, stating that he would love to face his

old side.

The last time Beckham played in Old Trafford in the Champions

League was seven years ago in a 4-3 thriller over Real Madrid,

which Beckham didn’t start but got substituted late by manager Sir

Alex Ferguson and subsequently scored twice to give United a win,

but Real still advanced onto the semifinal.

But along with Beckham’s return to Old Trafford, this will

also be a renewal of one of the best matchups in the Champions

League this decade, as Milan faced United twice this decade and

have beaten United in as many tries in the knockout stage.

The first time that they did this was in 2005, when Milan

beat Manchester United 2-0 on aggregate in the round of 16,

including a 1-0 loss at Old Trafford, which ended United’s chances

of winning the Champions League.

And in 2007, Milan faced United in the Champions League

semifinal, where they beat Milan 3-2 in the first leg at Old

Trafford on a late goal by Wayne Rooney, but lost 3-0 at the San

Siro to eliminate United as AC Milan went on to win the Champions

League over Liverpool.

But regardless, this will be a great matchup to watch, and it

will be great to see David Beckham return to the Old Trafford pitch

for the first time since he left Man United in 2003.

Andrew Jordan is an analyst for Bleacher Report, the open

source sports network.