The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah is a huge NYCFC fan

The Daily Show’s new host Trevor Noah has made his MLS allegiance clear. He’s a big NYCFC fan.

It’s not really surprising that the New York resident would pick a local team, but he seems to have more invested than just a passing fancy.

The South African comedian shared his love for NYCFC and his buddy Mix Diskerud. Not to mention rattling off a few of the newer players and his thoughts on their play so far this season.

Noah is not afraid to tackle soccer in America. Last week, The Daily Show did a segment skewering U.S. Soccer for their fight with the women’s national team over equal pay.

Sexism on the Soccer Field- – Video Clip | Comedy Central

As for Noah’s team loyalties, NYCFC doesn’t look like it has too much competition. In 2013 he responded to some fans asking about his favorite club.

He might have to come up with a better answer after this public display of support.