Hampus Lindholm and 21st Duck Michael Lu talk about the Ducks win

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Hampus Lindholm and 21st Duck Michael Lu talk about the Ducks win

- Congratulations on this big victory here tonight for both of you guys, Hampus Lindholm and Michael Lu, our 21st Duck. Hampus, I'm going to start with you. What a special night celebrating the 25th anniversary on the home opener. And you guys, of course, you get a goal. And then to see Troy Terry get that in the shootout, what did you think led to those comebacks when you guys were down by a goal and a goal to come back and win this?

- Yeah it shows that we have some belief in our locker room. We just keep pushing. And if we do that, we know we're going to be successful. And I just want to say thank you for everyone coming out tonight. It was a great first home game.


- The fans obviously helping. And no fan bigger than Michael Lu, the 21st Duck. Such an inspiration to us all. It started in the pre-game, getting to be out here with the Ducks. And then, of course, you provide the lucky charm this year in the house as they win in the shoot out. What did this whole night mean to you?

- It just shows me you can overcome anything that we put our minds to. Let's all do it together as a community.

- Absolutely. Congratulations Michael. You're such an inspiration. And congratulations Hampus on the win. Our first star of the game.